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Other Services

I offer  a range of services to help you and your business develop in the digital space.

Your digital content is key to your business so make sure you are doing it right.


Do you have a website that is not producing audience engagement and clients?

Are you yet to engage social media or are you doing so and seeing little return for your efforts? Or are you looking at your business strategy as a whole?

I offer straight forward consultancy support to help you improve your customer experience and audience engagement online which linked to your other business activities should improve your business growth and development. We can generate simple and detailed reports to enable you to look at your digital activity to see how or where you need to change or develop your approach.  A fresh set of eyes on a project can make a whole world of difference.

Social media support

The basics of social media are easily but to get a return on your efforts takes time, effort and understanding. Add to that the social media platforms are constantly developing and your potential audiences news feeds are full of content from all angles you can see it takes more than just posting content you have a spare minute which you quickly threw together with little thought. 

Solution is to outsource either the delivery or content creation or both to me. 

I understand how, what, when and why of the social media world. So if you need advice, a little support for a campaign or ongoing support then get in touch,

User experience and target audience analysis

Assessment of your audience through target audience analysis. Where is your audience online, how can you reach them and engage them? It maybe you just need to rethink how you use the various digital platforms to engage the right audience for your company. 

User experience on your website or through your other digitl channels is important to make sure your engage and retain the interest of that audience. If you website visitors spend just a few seconds on your website or you are failing to convert to sales then you need to analyse why. The story you tell and the information you post on social media is important, are you getting it right? 

Digital content training

So you are or your staff are engaged with updates for the website and social media but you are not seeing the benefits of the time in this area or you simply cannot see how to do something. 

I offer one to one or group bespoke training which will be designed around your exact needs and prior knowledge. 

Don't waste time on courses elsewhere that often cover out of date content or areas you do not need to know about come to to us and we will take a detailed look at your needs and produce a training plan to suit you. 

Website design and creation

In need of website or your current website is in need or a refresh or relaunch? 

There are many options available now to launch powerful and effective websites through online builders such as WIX and Wordpress, but do you have the time? Or does your existing website look tied and just needs a bit of tender loving care? if you then get in touch we may have a very effective cost efficient solution to your situation. 

We also offer a full report on your current website for you to make informed decisions about the way forward for development of your website. 

Photography and website content

You a product, service or event and need to secure good imagery and video to use online to support the business or project? 

I am able to support you by producing high quality imagery and video and then optimising for your use online? I have photographed and produced video for products and covered live events for many years. I understand what engages the audience and seek to secure that footage to support that aim.

Get in touch to find out more. 

Policy and documentation

In an ever increasing complicated world you need good policy and guidance notes in place for all areas of your business so your staff understand your business aims and the legal issues. This includes the digital content space.

I have vast experience at producing policy and documentation that allows your digital content managers to deliver effective content but to stay in lane and make sure they are meeting your business needs. This documentation can often tie in with training. 

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