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Social Media Training

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Introductory - 1 day
To get you started on social media for business

  • Training built around your experience

  • What each platform is, are you using the right ones

  • Understanding target audiences

  • Profiles and branding

  • Basic content delivery best practices

  • What makes good content

  • Basic analytics

  • Scheduling tools

  • Risks and security

  • Capturing or acquiring content

  • Learning to listen and respond on social media

Cost £99 - £250 depending on requirements



Intermediate  -1 day

How to engage your audience and gain influence

  • Some basic reminders of best practice

  • Are you using the right platforms

  • Detailed target audience optimisation

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Generating engagement through good content

  • Becoming influential

  • Having an effect through your content

  • Using analytics to form future content

  • Planning your narrative and story

  • More advanced content delivery

  • Using influencers to reach other audiences

  • Learning to listen and respond on social media

  • Intro to paid engagement

  • Using live content tools

Cost £99 - £350 depending on your requirements



 Advanced 1-2 days depending on requirements

For those that need to know the next steps

  • Developing best practice and your own style

  • Trends

  • Current platform development

  • Emerging platforms

  • Use of AI and ChatBots

  • What audiences want

  • Search engine optimisation advanced

  • Campaigns

  • Media planning

  • Advanced paid engagement

  • Using false personas to engage in wider activity on platforms

  • Advance Influencer programmes

  • Using external analysis tools

  • Policy and documentation support for team members

  • Managing high end risks and shakeholders

Cost £350 - £750 depending on your requirements



 Senior business owners 1 day

Oversight and development of your brand and business needs

  • Understanding the different platforms to assess what platforms you should be using

  • Creating a style that compliments your business

  • Corporate risks

  • Security risks

  • Development of your social media voice

  • Development of team members through social media

  • Use of AI and ChatBots and why

  • What is the aim for your use of social media

  • Understanding how social media supports your business

  • Financial investment in social media

  • Protecting the brand

  • Competitors

  • Managing high end risks and stakeholders

Cost £199 - £550 depending on your requirements


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