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More of our clients

BeARTY - Art for your passion

BeARTY are a online shop selling commerical art print work to clients around the world. Their direct clients include artists from around the world and the world famous Ducati Motorbike brand. The company was originally known as Art of Brands.

The task set was to raise awareness and increase social media traffic, something we achieved for Art of Bands prior to the rebranding by a siginifcant number taking their followers across multiple social media channels from the hundreds to many thousands in just a few months. We also produced content for the blog. 


Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma Network with an organisation created to support those diagnosed with skull base tumours such as Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) or Meningioma in the East of England.

Although ongoing work a detailed analysis of their digital requirements and recommendations was generated to help increase awareness and to improve the user experience of the digital audience. From the report the website has been relaunched and an ongoing programme of social media has been implemented. AMNET

Centre for Leadership

The world's premier centre for Army leadership. Based at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Centre for Army Leadership has a combined military and academic team of leadership theorists and practitioners.

The projects are ongoing and include live social media video of keynote speakers to audiences around the world, social media consultancy and management of their website content in order to embrace interest and user experience through the centre.  Their website

Shornlines online shop

A startup company selling quality items for home and office with a beach and coastal theme.

The project tasks for us include launching a new website, social media strategy and content generation. Search Engine optimisation, Google Adwords and keyword strategy development. Additionally all the imagery on the website will be generated by us through photography of the stock and development through Photoshop. 

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